Sensitive Information for parents

Talking to children and teenagers about alcohol

Just before the Leavers Assembly in July 2015, Sandra Saint (one of our parents governors) came to talk to parents about alcohol and how to talk to children/teenagers about it.

Sandra works in schools and local education authorities where her role is to support teachers about any issue to do with children’s emotional well-being. Sandra also works with parents too. We were very fortunate to have Sandra to meet with parents of year 6 children and I know form feedback it was well received. We hope to do this as a yearly event as pat of transition to secondary school.

Sandra has given us several website addresses which parent can access. There is a wealth of information there. I have also embedded a link to a very useful “parents guide”. Click here to access it. Other links are below.

The Home page is:

Parents’ area is:

Parents’ leaflet which is the same link as above:

Alcohol Units poster:

Sandra recommends this but it is for parents not children

‘Just a Few Drinks’ clips:

Facebook support:


Parent/carer newsletter registration which is free: