We believe that the curriculum we offer our children is the best we can whilst meeting the requirements of the national curriculum. For the last few years we have developed a “skills based curriculum” in Key Stage 1 and 2 that has evolved into exciting topics for our children. Since our arrival in our new building we have also been able to provide a huge range of technology that has become embedded into our learning and teaching at all levels. This has enthused, motivated and engaged our children so that the learning outcomes have improved considerably. 

Each of our mini schools/unit (Key Stage 1, Year 3&4, Year 5&6), study either one of two topics per term. All topics begin with a WOW! These might be visits to museums (year 3 and 4 go to an Indian Restaurant!), or visitors come into school where we might to an enactment from Invaders. Most topics end with a presentation to parents. Over the years you might see children performing (maybe African dancing), racing go-karts, or being invited to our Blackout Ball complete with dinner jackets, posh dresses or even wearing military uniform! These events are becoming legendary and feedback from parents is incredibly positive about how much children talk about the work and enjoy it too! 

We think our approach to the curriculum is excellent and we hope you do to!