Rainbow Day - British Values

British values are part of everyday life at Jesmond Gardens. However we really wanted to celebrate what it means to be British. All of our Rainbow groups took part in a special celebration day to explore British Values.

We started our day with a whole school assembly before moving into our mixed age rainbow groups.All groups discussed Democracy, The rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

  The whole school gathered for an introduction to the day.


Here is a class discussing democracy and taking part in a ballot, voting for who will be in charge after sharing their manifestos. Some great ideas such as 'making sure everyone has a good future' were mentioned.


Here are classes discussing multi culture within the UK and talking about Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


Children made their own flags using their own beliefs to inspire their creations representing individual liberty.


Both staff and children displayed mutual respect for each other over the course of the day.


The Children discussed the Rule of Law and talked about current laws and laws they would introduce if they were in charge.

Children also celebrated other British traditions such as Fish shop Friday and The sporting culture of Britain. They also recreated some landmarks and acknowledged some famous British Figures.



We then came back together at the end of the day to share and celebrate. Below is examples of what the children shared in the assembly.