Assembly Celebrations

Every week, our superstars from assembly will receive a mention here!

The Star of the Week Award, Writer of the Week Award, Mental Maths Star of the Week and The Reading Class of the Week winners are pictured below. All the children holding the certificates are their due to their excellent behaviour, hard work and effort during lessons, their amazing improvement or attitude to others in and around the school. Keep setting those fantastic examples to the other children and hopefully you will have your picture on the web once again!!



Our latest winners are pictured above:

Y1/2: Kaushini R, Kady H, Sophie H, Kayden W, Jasmin, Harry.

Y3/4: William D, Alfie B, Jamie Leigh M, Riley T, Kadie L, Deana M.

Y5/6: Elise P, Freddy C, Logan W, Libby H, Sam H, Mia U.






Our latest winners are pictured above:

Y1/2: Brandon, Ethan, Bradley, Ellie, Morgan, Oscar, Brooklyn, Krystal, Ethan and Simone.

Y3/4: Josh, Dylan, Rhianne, Regan, Bradley, George and Shola.

Y5/6: Luke, Jack, Milly, Abbey, Shannon, Kyle, Jessica, Paige, Adam and Elle.



Our latest winners are pictured above:

Y1/2: Damian, Shannon, Harrison, Alfie, Katie, Jamie, Sharan, George, Mckenzi-Jo, Lily and Max.

Y3/4: Summer, Daulton, Bridie, Logan and Emma.

Y5/6: Tristan M, Josh, Sam, Tristan W, Chloe.




Our latest winners are pictured above:

Y1/2 - Sophie, Harrison, Tyler, Millie, Callum, Owen and Oscar.

Y3/4 - Logan, Summer, Evie, Ruby and Chloe.

Y5/6 - Ethan, Sam, Ben, Aliza, Tristan, Jessica, Kate, Tony-Lee and Jack.